Friday, 16 April 2010

Losers 2 Movie - The Losers Sequel

The Losers 2 Movie - The Losers Movie SequelThe first Losers movie hasn't been released yet, so it may seems premature to talk about a movie sequel to the Losers. But I'm quite confident that it's going to be a hit, such an explosive combination of humor and action can but become a success.

Director Sylvain White who's a real fan of the original comic book series hinted at a potential plot for The Losers 2:

"If you pick up the graphic novel you’ll see that in fact Roque actually survives in the end. It’s really the last page of 'Anti-Up' it’s in the first volume. You see that Roque has survived the explosion and he’s burnt and he’s angry and he’s working for a different 'Max' because you find out 'Max' is actually a term used by the CIA and there’s multiple of them in the graphic novel, which is why I feel like there is so much GREAT material to make a sequel, I’m hoping we get to."
Director Sylvain White

And I bet that most of teh cast would be glad to reprise their roles in a Losers 2 movie. So let's say it's almost a done deal. Wondering why I'm so confident that the Losers will be such a success that it will open the way for a sequel? Well, just watch this clip:

The Losers - I'm warning you I'm a lethal killing machine
(Song: Don't Stop Believin by Journey)

Like I said: a damn explosive combination of humor and action! That's why I think they're gonna do The Losers 2. But all this is just pure pspeculation for now, nothing official, let's go watch the first film in droves so the Losers sequel will follow.